Pastor Maria Gardner - Thomas
B.M. Oakley Memorial Temple, Church of God in Christ
1535 North 7th Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122
Phone (215) 769-5577-  (215) 765-3711

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Welcome to my Vineyard!

It is an honor that you took the time out to log on to my website. I bring you Godly Greetings from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I do not represent the "city" of Brotherly Love, but the Love of Christ. God has blessed me to be the Pastor of B.M. Oakley Temple Church of God in Christ.

Whether you are going in or coming out of a storm, there is healing in the House. In these last days, I want to challenge you to be about The Lord's Business.

I dare you to cease in your complaining, moaning, groaning and anything else you do that displeases God.

We as a people should be in the position of preparation for our Destiny! If you are not on your road to Damascus, why not?

What "EXACTLY" are you waiting for? You don't have time to waste time anymore. Some of you are way behind schedule and it is time to get caught up!

I pray that my wesbite does not entertain you but it was merely built to inform you.

My life is dedicated and consecrated because it is "All About Souls."

Therefore, as you go to "your" next level in and with God, please keep me posted by signing the Guest Book or sending me an Email.

Purpose Driven,

Evangelist Maria Gardner -Thomas


Thank you for all of the cards and letters that was sent via mail. I appreciate all of your love and support!

Yes!, I do read every single last piece of mail myself! Again I say THANK YOU........

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