Pastor Maria Gardner - Thomas
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"It's All About Souls!"

Pastor's Profile

Pastor Maria Gardner Thomas was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She was saved at the young age of 10 years old. While in high school she was called to minister God's word. Shortly thereafter, she began speaking at youth services throughout the city.

 It was while she was studying law at Laney College that the Lord called Pastor Thomas into full-time ministry. She began traveling the length and breadth of this country, compelling men and women to come to Jesus Christ.

Pastor Thomas has a  ministry that spreads far and beyond church services, revivals, and conventions. For over 35 years, she has fervently answered God's call to evangelize this world.

She has ministered not only in the United States, but also in several foreign countries such as: Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, England, Germany and the British Honduras.

Several times throughout the year she can be found in the orphanages of Haiti, administering love through "hands on" contact. Her volume of compassion exudes from a heart that is filled with love and a commitment to give of her time and substance.

Radio, television and the recording industry have also been modes of communicating this unique ministry to the masses. Weekly radio and television programs have been aired throughout the country of this dynamic ministry.

Pastor Thomas has recorded five albums entitled:

 I'd Rather Fight than Switch, Come Out of the Hog Pen, I'm Hooked, Mr. Chairman: I Nominate the Man Jesus, and I've Gone Through the Wilderness, Now I'm Going to Take My Possessions. Her latest video is titled, He Won't Leave You Until He's Done What He Said.

She is the wife of Deacon Burnett Thomas and  the pastor of the B.M.Oakley Memorial Temple, Church of God in Christ in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the Women's Department of the National Church of God in Christ, she serves as an Expediter and Chaplain for the Steering Committee. She also serves as the Assistant Supervisor in Haiti. She has been the recipient of many awards in the church and in her city.

Pastor Maria Gardner Thomas, is unselfish when it comes to God's people. There has been a world of young minds inspired to take another step in gathering troops for God's army.

This courageous leader found the time to pursue an earned degree in Education Administration with an endorsement in Counseling. She also holds an administrative certification with National Private schools, and has been certified to open the state approved Maria Gardner Christian Academy.

Providing leadership through Christian education, she knew her battle would be against skilled and experienced warriors. With years of hard work, experience, and seeking God's face, leaves her still seeking a higher level of academic education.

She is also the mother of three adult children and eight grandchildren. Pastor Thomas obtains a  faithfulness to God has served as an example and an inspiration to her children.

 Her eldest son, Elder Dyran Gardner, (deceased January 1997); her son, Elder Anthony Gardner is a pastor, along with his wife, Mrs. Monica Gardner as Co-Pastor in New Jersey; her daughter, Mrs. Terrie Gardner-Rimson serves as Co-Pastor to her husband, Pastor Derek Rimson in Michigan.

Through perseverance, tenacity and faith in God, Pastor Gardner stands strong as an anointed vessel of God. Her life is uncompromising in her determination to live holy.

Famous Quote of Our Elect Lady, Maria Gardner-Thomas

I'm in pursuit of my purpose!
I'm highly motivated!
I'm driven by desire!

Jeremiah 1:4-5


Deacon Burnette and Pastor Maria Gardner - Thomas

"It's All About Souls!"

The Elect - Lady of The C.O.G.I.C. Evangelism Department