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Take A Look At Some of The Awesome Great Men and Women of God That She Has Preached For.

If anyone has ever doubted the "Mantle" that is on Evangelist Maria Garnder Thomas's life, you can stop now! Anything that The Lord does, he certainly does very well. It is taught that behind every Great Leader there shall also be a proven - track record. No one ever talks about if the record is Godly - Proven or not. Nevertheless, it is very apparent that God has Apointed and Anointed Evangelist Gardner-Thomas for such a time as this. As Great Men and Women of God, we can sometimes get caught up in all the "schisms" of things. Our Elect Lady has many testimonials that she could sing, teach and preach about. However, she just decided that Her Destiny and Success is not merely by "CHANCE", but it is by "CHOICE". Please continue to pray for "OUR LEADER."

The Bishop Charles C. Blake
West Los Angeles Church of God in Christ
The Bishop Carlton Pearson
Higher Dimensions


The Bishop Darryl Hines
Christian Faith Fellowship Church of God in Christ
Pastor Shirley Cesear
Mount Calvary


Bishop T.D. Jakes

The Potter's House

Bishop James M. Foster
Trinity Church of God in Christ

Bishop G.E. Patterson
Bountiful Blessings Church of God in Christ
Bishop Richard "Mr. Clean" White
Gospel Temple Church of God in Christ

Prophet, Dr. Kevin Williams
 New Jeruselum

Bishop E.C. Reems

International Women's Ministries

The Angel of B.M. Oakley Memorial Temple COGIC
Evangelist Maria Gardner Thomas
Church Website: www.bmocogic.4t.com
Church Email: bmo_cogic@yahoo.com