The Reason Why She Does What She Does.......
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If You Ever Needed A Reason Why She Does What She Does, HERE IT IS!

Our Pastor is "VERY" unselfish when it comes to God's people. She has a heart to serve and a massive ministry for Healing. She is one person that is in "The Ministry" for God and God alone. You can receive the call, but those who answers are in a category all by themselves. She continuously gives God all the glory and honor. She Also has no desire to take credit for herself in anything that she does. That alone is a Blessing. Having clean hands and a pure heart takes "STRENGTH". This Preaching Machine "is as soft" as The Proverbs 31 Woman....... If you are unable to tell,we want the world to know that "WE LOVE OUR PASTOR"!

Understand The Price That Was Paid

I know it was the Blood! At the Cross, at the Cross, where I first saw "the light". Let us understand and meditate on what the cross means. It is not a "fashion statement". It is a Salvation Sacrafice! Starting back at the beginning is where we sometimes must go to get the "reality" of God. The reason why he paid it all in full and shed his blood. God's blood was shed for a HIGH PRICE, so why do we as "Saints", "Children of God" treat ourselves so CHEAP? Royalty is a mind set that spills over into every area of YOUR life. Not only can your see it but others can as well. Wake up and respect who your father is. If you do not want your birth rights, someone else surely does.
To Understand The Word of God, ls To Understand Your Destiny

Are you saved? What is your name? Does it have meaning? Even if you cannot find the meaning behind it, do YOU know who you are? Do you know yourself inside and out? Who would you compare yourself to from The Bible? What is your purpose? What do you desire to obtain in life? Do you have a role model? Do you read? Show me what you read and I will tell you who you are. Show me your friends and I will predict your future. Everything that you need, is in the Word of God. Anything that you desire to become, is in The Word of God. Listen, Question, Obey and Pray.
She Understood The Word , Studied & Continuously Shows Herself Approved

It is a fight alone being saved and standing for CHRIST. However, as a woman in the Ministry, is another fight that she accepts. It does not matter who does not want to see you excel. She recognized her purpose and "continuously" studies to show thyself approved. It does not matter what people think. Ministry is not about her, it is about someone else. The enemy knows who Evangelist Gardner is and so does she! The very thing she goes through is just laying the foundation for her to minister "effectively" to someone else. It is a mind thing and it is something that she has conquered! We all have heard and realized that the mind is a battleground. Evangelist Garnder realizes that she cannot "ever" go to battle without the appropriate attire. She fights every attack against her individual being, her walk in God, her family, her ministries, her callings, her gifts, her talents, her church and the people of God! The more the enemy hates, the more God will elevate!
This Is One of Millions of Souls That Are "Lost!" Are You Binding and Casting? Or Observing and Thanking God That It's Not One of "Your" Own Children?

This picture is so real it is not even funny. Our children are living two different lives. Yes, I know, not yours! We see mainly white children and other races in satanic worshipping pictures but I have a secret for you! There are several African American children doing the same things! Also, that PK thing, Pracher's Kid "myth" is not always true. What makes you think that your child is who and what "THEY" say they are? Being honest, some of us seem to be more blessed than others. Some of our children are saved and filled with the precious Holy Ghost! I am sure that is a wonderful feeling. However, what about the other lost souls that are out there? What should "WE" do about them? Pray for them from a distance and keep on shouting like nothing is really happeneing? I think not! I know, what can you do right? You prayed and asked God to send a special prayer for the lost souls in the world. That was wonderful and The Lord really appreciated it. In case you did not know, God does not need anyone giving him kuddos and with God, there is no brown nosing. He wants the children of God to do their assignment. Nothing more and nothing less. We were made to praise HIM and win souls 4 HIM. Everything else that we do and "desire" to do are merely PRIVLIGES! Yes, this is from the teaching of "OUR LEADER". Those who win souls are wise! Therefore, isn't "It All About Souls", anyway? She was not "Apointed" Elect Lady of C.O.G.I.C. Evangelism for nothing!
We Have Not Always Been Like This

We as Saints get saved and act as if our lives have always been so wonderful. Even though we may be saved now, but some of us have some secrets! You can look in our closets and find St. John and Sunday's Finest Hats. This is indeed another topic that "OUR PASTOR" teaches us. So the question is, are we dressing over mess? There are a great deal of times, we stand and "observe" what the enemy is doing instead and praying for Deliverance. That is one of the ministries that Evangelist Garnder has. She does not feel threatened by the devil or those who acts like him. It is time to take back what the enemy has taken from you. However, let us not leave " our fellow brothers and sisters behind".
Pray For Those Who Rule Over Us

We love the United States of America. However, we should because this is the country where we reside. There has been so much hoopla over the current Presidential Elections. Since President Bush was elected, have you really prayed for him? Especially since Operation Iraq has started? You won't find a better time to pray than now! He is just one of the "many examples" in Leadership. Anyone that is over you by choice or by elect, pray for them. You do not have to agree with everything that they beleive in. Nevertheless, respect the office that they hold. Obedience is a weapon in the spirit that a great deal of saints still "fail" to realize!
It's All About Souls and The "Final" Resting Place


When I see Jesus, AMEN! When I see Jesus, AMEN! When I see the man that died for me! The man that set me free! AMEN! All of my troubles, will be over!Over! Over! When I see Jesus, A----AMEN!